March 30, 2010

lost: the package

Like many, I have very mixed feelings about The Package being Desmond. On one hand, I'm glad to see him and see how he fits into the final chapter as well as how he fits into sideways world. It's always been clear that Desmond plays a critical role in the mystery and history of the island. But on the other hand, I'm sad for Penny and Charlie left behind on that houseboat! I hope I'm not wrong in assuming Widmore's people didn't hurt them in the process.

So why is it that Widmore brought Desmond back to the island? Is he one of the candidates? (I'm sure I should know that by now) Is Widmore even concerned with/aware of this concept of candidates? If UnLocke is trying to get all of them off the island, is Widmore trying to keep them on?

The kidnapping of Jin brought him even further away from Sun (on the island, although he was kidnapped in both worlds) Reunite these two already! So frustrating! However, the geophysicist's interest in his mapping of the magnetic fields on the island makes me think that we'll be looking further into this aspect of the island, which I like. Moving away from the heaven/hell mythology into the scientific mystery of the island continues to peel the onion giving us more answers (hopefully).

As for the sideways story, Jin and Sun not being married and dating in secret certainly presented a very different reality for them. How Juliet setting off the bomb made that happen, along with Jack having a son, Sayid's girl marrying his brother, Sawyer becoming a cop, etc. is really fascinating. With six (SIX!) episodes left, I'm ready to start learning what this alternate universe is intended to teach us.

So, we know Kate and Claire are not candidates. I'm not surprised about Claire seeing as she's taken quite a different path from her friends. But why not Kate? What's different about Kate? She never died and came back to life, she came returned to the island with the others, she's been with the gang all along. What's the deal?

Just a few observations from a devoted, but a relatively clueless Lost viewer.

Note to ABC: Get rid of that stupid V countdown clock. So distracting and annoying.


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