February 2, 2010

LOST is back

I'm only nine minutes in, and I've already said "what the f*uck?" about seven times. WHAT IS THE FOOT DOING UNDER THE WATER?

I don't know if it was unflattering light, but Jack looked about 20 years older in that plane bathroom.

Kate is deaf in a tree.

Kate saw Sawyer and Jack lying on the ground, and she went to Jack first. Anyone else catch that?

Back on the plane, Hurley believes he's the luckiest guy alive. Bizarro world?

Back on post-bomb island, Sayid really made out worst in this situation. You get shot hoping a bomb will save you, and the bomb doesn't even do you the favor of a quick death?


Jacob? Oh right, Hurley sees dead people.

I forgot that pre-island Jin was an asshat.

Boone, Frogurt, Locke. Who wouldn't want to sit in that row?

Back on the beach, Sun is still stuck with those yahoos. Why doesn't she ever get to jump around through time?

And Ben trips over dead Locke. Poor Ben. Jokes on you again.

If they don't get Baby Juliet out of that well, I may shut off this television.

Lovely to have you back, Charlie. Even if your lips are blue.

Sawyer nickname #1: Flight Attendant called Earhart

The yahoos try their darndest to shoot New Locke. Guess what they get instead? SMOKE MONSTER!!!...and his name is NEW LOCKE.

Okay, killing Juliet like that was NOT COOL. Why didn't they just leave her in the hole? We said our goodbyes last season. That was just mean. And what the heck did she have to tell James?

They got Greg Grunberg to voice Caption Norris! Nice touch.

And they all get off the plane in LA. First hour down. Breathe.

Finally, all the post-bomb islanders wash the blood off their faces. As always. Kate's hair looks fabulous.

Trying to figure out how I would react if the airline lost the body of one of my family members. I'm a pretty patient traveler, but that crosses a line.

Everyone seems to be buying Hurley's belief in Jacob's instructions for saving Sayid. Doesn't seem the best idea when they are captured by yet another armed island group. This crew seems to have ties to the temple.

Is it bad that seeing Juliet in the promo for V makes me angry?

Good to see that Kate can hold her own off island. That cop went down like a piles of bricks...in the ladies bathroom no less.

And of course she gets a little help from pre-heartbreak, charming Sawyer. I miss him.

Imagine if they went through all of that only to have the temple people shoot them? Luckily, Hurley thought quickly and presented the elusive guitar case, which contains a message hidden in a wooden cross that appears to list their names and instructions to save Sayid. Or else.

Sun chooses not to help Jin get out of a sticky, shady situation at the airport and pretend she doesn't speak English. This is putting a damper on my anticipation of their reunion.

Sayid gets a temple baptism, but it doesn't save him. We say goodbye to another of the original Oceanic survivors. Sort of.

Kate really should have drop-kicked Frogurt for that cab.

With the news of Jacob's demise, the temple people are freaking out to protect themselves from New Locke/Smoke Monster. (P.S. How psyched is Terry O'Quinn that he's now playing the Smoke Monster instead of boring Locke?)

Of all the second-time-around fliers, the only two who made a real connection were Jack and Locke. Interesting.

New Locke beats up Richard and carries him off into the sunset. What will happen to him?

And Sayid is alive! Quick someone dunk Juliet in that temple pool!


  • If Juliet was right that "it worked" then does that mean there's currently two of all the Oceanic folks?
  • Did plane Jack notice something wasn't right? What about that blood on his collar? Is this something I'm not remembering from the first time?
  • Pretty sure that Rose is wearing a different color shirt on the new flight. What does this mean?
  • Who was the woman with the temple people who claimed to be on the "first flight" with them?
  • What year are they in?
  • Is Juliet really dead?
  • Why are the temple people dressed like hippies at King Richard's fair?
LOST is back!


Andrea said...

Of all your good questions at the end, I'm going to theorize about the most important one... the color of Rose's shirt.

It seems like the idea with new Oceanic 815 flight is that the bomb did go off and that changed everything that happened after it. So it's not just that Jack and co. just continue like they were before because everything before is different. For example, how the hell did Desmond end up on Oceanic 815?!? I guess since he's not on the island entering numbers into a computer (since the island is now 10,000 leagues under), he's living some life that made him travel from Sidney to LA, and it just happend to be on Oceanic 815!

Apparently the bomb going off changed Rose's life such that she decide on a different shirt! Crazy...

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