January 11, 2010

what to watch this week

As much as it doesn't feel that way outside on the east coast, spring television season is approaching full swing. Here are some highlights of what's premiering and returning this week:

  • Chuck regular season premiere. If you didn't watch the 2-hour season opener last night, catch it on Hulu today! (and read my summary below)
  • House returns a little early to compete with the Chuck premiere.
  • How I Met Your Mother is back with the 100th episode, which includes a musical number.
  • Big Bang Theory is back...oh and so are those other two CBS comedies and CSI: Miami.
  • Fringe is airing a special un-aired episode following House. Take a look!
  • Castle returns with guest star Alyssa Milano.
  • Men of a Certain Age continues its run on TNT. Anyone else really liking that show?


  • Southland premieres on TNT. They'll be showing all episodes from the beginning, including those unaired on NBC.
  • American Idol season 9 starts with 2 hours of Boston auditions. Look out, this might be the last time we see Simon judging auditions with the news that he'll be bringing The X Factor to FOX this year.


  • The second half of Leverage, season 2, premieres on TNT. Glad to have them back on Tuesday night, which is actually becoming less of a barren TV wasteland.
  • American Idol continues premiere week with an hour of auditions in Atlanta.
  • CBS is all new with Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Criminal Minds, and CSI: NY returning.


  • Bones is back with an episode called "The X in the File". Hmmm.
  • Fringe returns after Bones. Let's hope for some good ratings this spring.
  • Parks & Recreation returns with guest star (and Amy's husband) Will Arnett. Love him!
  • Community and 30 Rock also return on NBC.
  • Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice 2-hour crossover will involve the Grey's docs bringing Addison and friends in to help save a baby.
  • The Mentalist returns with new episodes. If you watch, read this.
  • New animated half-hour spy comedy Archer premieres on FX.
  • Project Runway season 7 premieres. NYC, Michael, and Nina are back. Thank god.

I'm sure I missed a few, but those are the highlights. Enjoy!


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