December 20, 2009

top 2009 shows: throwing my hat into the ring

There are many lists of top shows of 2009 and top shows the decade floating around these days. I love to read them. You see many similarities among the lists - especially the critically acclaimed shows. But each list is a little different with outliers popping up to show us that each television viewer is unique.

I'm a little intimidated by the decade list, although I may try it. For now, here are my TWO top ten lists for scripted shows in 2009:

Top 10 Returning Shows of 2009
Here are my favorite scripted shows this year - not necessarily ranked as my all-time favorites, but these are the shows that made the most out of their seasons this year.
  1. Mad Men: An obvious choice for one of the most critically acclaimed shows in cable history. Personally, this show makes me think more than any other. Cliche, I know. But everything about it is smart, pretty, and fascinating.

  2. Chuck: This show just makes me laugh without fail, and I feel like the characters are my friends. So glad NBC is putting some effort into promoting season three.

  3. Lost: As the series winds to a close, season five was an awesome precursor to the final season.

  4. The Big Bang Theory: The characters of this show - most obviously Jim Parsons' Sheldon - made this comedy appointment television for me and welcomed sitcoms back into my life.

  5. How I Met Your Mother: I was a late bloomer among HIMYM fans, but now I'm along for the ride.

  6. House: Fans have had mixed emotions about casting decisions madeby House writers over the last couple of seasons, but fall 2009 brought possibly the best performances by Hugh Laurie to date.

  7. Dexter: Bringing in John Lithgow this season was a brilliant move for a game-changing shocker of a season.

  8. Greek: A little out-of-left-field, but Greek is easily the best teen/young audience show on television right now. I'm addicted.

  9. The Office: Admittedly, The Office is getting a little grey around the ears, but between Michael's lady troubles, the Pam/Jim wedding, and the rise of Andy Bernard, I still love it.

  10. The Mentalist: A new discovery for me in 2009. If I'm going to watch a crime procedural, this is the top choice. They kept it fun in 2009.
Top 10 New Shows of 2009
Scripted shows that premiered during the spring, summer or fall 2009 seasons.
  1. Modern Family: I've gone on about this show many times, so I'll just say thanks for the smart, family comedy that makes everyone feel a little less crazy.

  2. Parks & Recreation: 2009 started a little rough for Ms. Knope and friends, but subtle changes in the show have made it one of the funniest comedies.

  3. Glee: What can I say? There's nothing like it. I would watch all day.

  4. The Good Wife: Thanks for bringing a smart, interesting woman to network television.

  5. Castle: Richard Castle is one of the most refreshingly and effortlessly well-played characters on the networks these days.

  6. Community: Another show with a rocky start, but as the writers continue to bring out the best in these actors, the show gets more and more entertaining.

  7. The Vampire Diaries: I've never been on the vampire train, but this one's got me. It's a little silly in the grand tradition of WB/CW, but sometimes a little silly drama is just what you need.

  8. White Collar: As I've said before, Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay are a match made in heaven.

  9. Leverage: If you're a sucker for a good heist, this would be my #1 DVR-and-save-for-a-rainy-day recommendation for 2009.

  10. Better off Ted: I'll admit, the second season hasn't been that good for me so far, but I do think this show deserves a spot on the list. If only for Portia DeRossi's hilarious performances.

Enough superlatives and declarations for you?

Bonus List: 6 favorites that sadly met an untimely demise in 2009

  1. Pushing Daisies
  2. Eli Stone
  3. Samantha Who?
  4. The Unusuals
  5. Privileged
  6. Life


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