November 11, 2009

glee wheels

Glee, how do I love thee? I simply cannot count the ways. Some of my favorite moments of "Wheels"...
  • Kurt: "Defying Gravity"? I have an iPod shuffle dedicated exclusively to selections from Wicked. This is amazing.
    Mr. Shue: Think you can handle it Rachel?
    Rachel: It's my go to shower song. It's also my ring tone.
    (why did these kids not go to high school with me?)
  • Finn: Mr. Shue, Kids are busier than when you went here. We've got homework, football, teen pregnancy, lunch...
  • Artie performing "Dancing with Myself"
  • Kurt's outfit when he announces that he'll be trying out for the Wicked solo. High f? That's well within his range.
  • Rachel: We didn't think you would take that personally.
    Artie: Well, you're irritating most of the time, but don't take that personally.
  • Kurt's Dad: You sing like a girl. You know, in a good way. Look Kurt, I don't know how this music stuff works. I'm pretty exclusively committed to my Mellencamp collection. But isn't it more crossover nowadays? You know, chicks doing construction, guys wearing dress shoes with no socks?...
  • Kurt's dad again (pretty much anything he says for the entire episode): You can't discriminate against my kid because of his sex, religion, political affiliation, or the fact that's he's queer as a three dollar bill. I won't accept it.
  • Sue: I'm about to projectile express myself all over your Hush Puppies.
  • Tina: How did it happen? You never talk about it?
    Artie: My mom and I got in a car accident when I was eight. She was fine, but I've been in this chair ever since. But... I want to be very clear. I still have the use of my penis.
  • Both kids singing "Defying Gravity" in the Diva Off. My heart literally sang.
  • The revelation of Sue's big sister.
  • Tina's stutter is fake?? That really disappoints me actually. That scene between her and Artie about broke my heart.
  • The "Rollin' on the River" performance. I love this show.
  • I hereby volunteer to be Kurt's new mom.


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