November 22, 2009

AMA post mortem: 3 concerns

I didn't watch the American Music Awards in full, but of course the interwebs provided a full synopsis by way of video clips, photos, and analysis. With the disclaimer that I am by no means an music expert, I'm left with three concerns:

1. Why does Jennifer Lopez (and show producers for that matter) think she is worthy of a Rocky-style entrance to a main stage performance at the American Music Awards? When was her last hit? Has she ever had a hit? Wasn't Jenny from the Block embarrassing enough? Sorry, I don't mind her acting at all, but she's needs to let go of this dream. Falling on her bum during the performance may well have been God's way of sending her that message.

2. Adam Lambert, I'm a fan. I like that you're shaking things up. Who says glam rock can't make a comeback? You're different and not apologizing for it. I respect that. I'm on board. Show me what you got. I don't consider myself conservative or prudish. I like early Madonna as much as the next girl. But I'm having just a little trouble following you here.

UPDATE: I've just realized that conservative wackos are all up in arms about this performance. Just want to emphasize that the rubbing and the gesturing is fine with me. It's a performance. Parents, monitor what your kids are watching if you're concerned. We have bigger fish to fry in this world. I'm just taking issue with the style and the wardrobe. Not sure it's Adam's best foot forward.

3. The headline of this photo on Huffington Post reads "50 Cent's American Music Awards Date: Val Kilmer." So many questions.


Egan Caufield said...

Total agreement with two minor caveats: 1) Jenny from the Block is actually J-lo's best work in an otherwise disgraceful career, and 2) 50 Cent's 1-verse cameo during Eminem's performance was a classy, understated highlight during an otherwise ridiculously overproduced show...and, I might add, a poignant counterpoint to Jay-Z's panache.

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