November 5, 2009

2010 winter olympics countdown: 99 days

Have you heard that Stephen Colbert is sponsoring the US Olympic speedskating team? I love this. It's for real.

On Monday, Colbert (alongside gold medalist Dan Jansen) signed a contract to fund the team, who just lost their main sponsor (a bank that went under). Racing suits for both long and short track racers will feature Colbert Nation logos on both the leg and the hood during the World Cup competitions before the Olympics. Colbert isn't exactly forking over all the cash. It looks like they provided the initial funding for the suits, and in the coming weeks, the show will plug the sport regularly and feature speedskating in a few bits. The team is counting on the generosity of Colbert's audience to provide additional support.

Colbert: "We must ensure that it is America's 38-inch thighs on that medal platform." Right on.


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