October 16, 2009

tgif: 10 things before i leave on a jet plane

It's been way too long since I've done a TGIF top 10 list. Sadly, this will not redeem me. I'm about to leave for 10 days to a place with not internet access (gasp). My blog is weeping, my DVR is full on sobbing, but something tells me you all are a-okay. We'll make it.

Before I go, here are ten random TV related tidbits from this week and next to hold you over until I return (Can we think about a synonym for "random"? If a word could be played out, this would be the one).

10 Things Before I Leave on a Jet Plane
  1. This interview with Lauren Graham.

  2. I better see either Sal or Joanie on my DVR when I return or someone's going in timeout.

  3. Disappointed with How I Met Your Mother for the first time this week. I just thought that "couple friends" storyline was silly and pointless.

  4. Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester on Glee is my hero of the week.

  5. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is officially going away. Apparently, Jon broke the douchebag clause in his contract.

  6. Take another look at Parks & Recreation. They've made a few improvements this season and Aziz Ansari is totally cracking me up.

  7. I've lost track of Project Runway. There's too much going on Thursday nights, and Lifetime needs to run repeats as consistently as Bravo. On a related note, Rachel Zoe is my most surprising new small screen friend.

  8. I heard a rumor that Wicked's "Defying Gravity" will be involved in the Nov. 11th episode of Glee, and my heart literally sang.

  9. Mad Men's Elizabeth Moss (Peggy) will guest on Mercy's Nov. 4th episode. I'm embarrassingly surprised by how much I'm starting to like this show.

  10. Ugly Betty is finally back tonight with a 2-hour episode. Here's hoping they stay above water on Friday nights. I missed my Marc and Amanda!


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