October 13, 2009

spies and parades

Two little bits circling the TV rumor mill today...

First, with the recent news of Southland's untimely demise and the semi-expected cancellation of Trauma, rumors are hopping around that NBC will fill the hole with none other than our favorite spy, Chuck Bartowski. Chuck would fill its previous 8:00 Monday timeslot (Heroes would move to 9:00) as soon as the end of October.

One one hand, I'd love to see Chuck again so soon. Waiting until spring seems so, so long and maybe this would give them an opportunity to produce more than the current 13-episode order. On the other hand, NBC has had zero time to promote the show, so they would be starting the race with a couple of crutches and an eye patch. Maybe it's better to wait until post Olympics? That's assuming NBC gets their act together and promotes the pants off of it. I'm thinking Chuck and Casey in some sort of pair figure skating competition.

Number two. E! Online's Watch with Kristin is reporting that the Glee kids were bumped from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. For shame! Apparently, Macy's asked the Glee cast (because they're amazing and talented and wonderful) without NBC's permission. Understandably, NBC has a policy of not promoting stars from competing network programs, but I'm thinking they're just a little jealous of the show's enormous success. What, no one wants the Heroes on a float this year? Can't we get this parade syndicated or something? I would love to see those Glee kids singing down the street!

That's all I got.


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