September 10, 2009

texts from last night on tv?

This concept confuses me slightly, but the thought of it is still awesome. One of my favorite waste time blogs is definitely texts from last night. Ridiculously "Impaired" or morning after text messages are submitted to the site from all walks of life with an area code as the only identifier. It's hilarious.

Warning: this blog is not for the more conservative or weak-stomached among us

Yesterday, Variety reported that FOX has purchased the rights to develop the blog into a comedy series. STEVE HOLLAND (writer for The Big Bang Theory) has been tapped to write the pilot, which will be produced by Sony and Happy Madison (Adam Sandler's shop). Holland plans to base the show on this idea of regrettable text communication by twentysomethings.

It has the potential to be hilarious - let's hope they're able to pull together a quality cast.


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