September 16, 2009

abc gets political with new pilot

Good news for political nerds still mourning the loss of The West Wing. (though I am in NO way suggesting this or anything else could ever replace it) Variety is reporting a new ABC pilot called Freshmen about three newly elected Members of Congress sharing an apartment in DC.

As a political nerd and DC resident myself, I'm excited but prepared to cast a critical eye on this one. We should be in good hands though, writer Greg Malins, formerly of Friends and showrunner for How I Met Your Mother, has paired with Arianna Huffington (yes, that Ariana Huffington) to develop the show. It will be a multi-camera half-hour sitcom, a format that is really trying to make a comeback this season.

According to Variety, the three Members will include two men and one woman with varying political leanings - one left, one right, and one independent. In real life, Congressmen sharing a residence isn't that uncommon, especially among junior Members (but probably more common for them to bunk with their own party).

Says Malin:

"The stories are endless...They're all crazy (in D.C.). These characters will write themselves."

That I can attest to.


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