August 24, 2009


I just came across this interview from E! Online's Watch with Kristin with Todd Slavkin, executive producer of the upcoming Melrose Place remake on the CW. Now, I haven't decided whether I'm at all interested in watching this show, except maybe out of sheer curiosity and to check out Ashley Simpson's acting chops. Anyway, this interview did not help the cause.


The other twentysomething tenants (and some "wickedly sexy" guests) aren't wearing purity rings, either. "We feel that there is a current sexual revolution going on. Kind of post-AIDS—where the boundaries are off. Their parents have been shackled, and they want to explore."

Did he seriously say post-AIDS? Is that a joke? I'm going to steer clear of the soapbox here because I know he's just trying to position his soapy teen drama as "edgy" (and I'm barely qualified to write about TV never mind social issues) but is anyone else a little disturbed by his characterization?


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