July 30, 2009

rockford redo

Although the show technically aired before my time, I know Rockford Files by name, reputation, and late night reruns. Face facts, James Garner was the original McDreamy.

Variety is reporting a new Rockford Files pilot from NBC and Steve Carell's Carousel Television. The best part? David Shore, creator-executive producer of House, is on the case. With new bodies at the helm of NBC, let's hope this doesn't go in the tragic direction of the unfortunate Knight Rider remake.

If you were in diapers in the 70s or don't have cable, here's the basic premise of the original: Jim Rockford is an ex-con granted pardon for an armed robbery he didn't commit. He lands as a private investigator living in a trailor in Malibu who prefers a quiet life, but his cases are usually more than he bargins for.

I'm trying to cast the new Rockford in my head... he needs to be 45ish, slightly rough around the edges, tough, but also dapper with some comedy chops. I wouldn't mind seeing Damian Lewis (Life), but that would basically be a lighter version of Life, and I need to let go of that dream. Chris Noth? Too polished. Matt Dillion? Probably to cool for TV. Michael Rapaport! Non-traditional, but that might be right up David Shore's alley.

Any thoughts?


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