June 2, 2009

new for summer

In all my excitement about fall lineups, I almost missed new summer shows completely. Summer series are the junior varsity teams for each network, usually heavy on competition-based reality programming. ABC is coming out with about 100 of them. Can't blame them - we just tend to watch less consistently in the summer, so we're looking for something fun that's not necessarily plot intensive.

Surprisingly, the much-picked-on NBC has three (plus one mini) drama series premiering in June that look promising. Looks like this is a set up for the short-runs accommodating their new fall schedule.

I'll try to get to reviewing or at least previewing the new shows in the coming weeks. Today, I'm starting with some fluff. Two new summer series from ABC Family. Don't laugh, I know you have seen at least one episode of Greek or Secret Life of the American Teenager. And liked it.

First, 10 Things I Hate About You. I loved this movie - it's a huge teeny guilty pleasure of mine. I have the VHS and will never let it go. I worry this will suffer the same fate of the unfortunate Clueless series, but I'm willing to give it a shot - mostly because it's summer and my DVR is hungry. The only returning character is the dad, played by Larry Miller.

Here's the preview (premieres July 7):

Next, Make It or Break It. I may have lost many of you by now. For those who are holding on, yes, this is a gymnastics show. So sue me for hanging onto Olympic fever for just a bit too long. I blame Shawn Johnson. The premise is the trials and tribulations of a group of Olympic hopefuls. Seems like Center Stage meets Bring it On. The cast includes Peri Gilpin (Roz from Frasier) as a gymnast mom and Candace Cameron (DJ!) as the girlfriend of a gymnast dad. His name? Are you ready? Steve Tanner. STEVE. TANNER.

Here's the preview (premieres June 22). Come on, you know you want to.


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