April 21, 2009

idol top 7 (take 2)

Last week, my predictions were all wrong, so I need to step up my game this week. After Matt became the recipient of the first judges’ save last week, we are back again with the top seven. Only this week, we’ll have to say goodbye to two of them.

The theme is disco, and there’s no mentor this week. Saving that time will allow them to have all four judges back to review everyone. Boring. I’d rather have a mentor.

Lil Rounds: Singing Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman”. She’s having a lot of fun with this song, and I’m glad to see that. It’s pretty clear this could be Lil’s swan song, but she is definitely putting her best foot forward after struggling to please the judges week after week. This might be my favorite performance of her. Oh man, the girl just can’t please those judges. None of them liked it.

Kris: Singing Donna Summer's “She Works Hard for the Money” with the acoustic guitar. I might be wrong, but I’m willing to bet Kris ripped this arrangement from someone else. It sounds good – typical Kris. He took a theme that isn’t suited for him, and rearranged the song to the tune of John Mayer. He knows how to play the game. He still gives me the snoozes though. Judges all loved it called him “original” and “knows who he is”.

Observation: Kris’ wife is there every week. Does she have a job? Is she taking a leave of absence? This is the kind of thing I wonder about.

Danny: Singing “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. A disco classic. Danny’s rocking a slight beard this week. A man after my own heart. Don’t know if this is the best song to show off his voice, but he’s having fun and giving a show as usual. Really pulling out the dance moves this week too – thankfully, he’s recovered from that initial trouble with singing and dancing at the same time. Judges mostly loved it – Kara says he has perfect pitch. Simon liked it but said it was a bit awkward and clumsy, not professional. Hey, at least he puts it out there.

Allison: Singing “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer. I kind of can’t wait for Allison to sing disco. She starts out sitting on a moving staircase in the center of the stage, which is pretty cool. Her arrangement is kind of hard rock/metal. Don’t know if I love it – seems a little awkward - but she’s belting out the big notes as usual. Randy didn’t love the arrangement, but still loves her. Kara agrees on both points. Paula likes the edginess and authenticity. Simon called it a brilliant performance, acknowledging that she is an underdog coming into this week.

Adam: Singing “If I Can’t Have You” from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Adam is back in his “conservative” young Elvis duds this week. This is a slow song, which was a good choice because that’s an unconventional choice for disco week, which will set him apart. Not that that’s ever a problem for Adam. His voice sounds flawless as usual. Randy says he’s ready right now. Kara says he’s brilliant and inspiring…blah blah blah.

Observation: Paula’s lip gloss might be made of kryptonite.

Matt: Singing “Stayin Alive” by The Bee Gees. Poor Matt must be nervous this week, but I do think he deserves to be here. This is no easy song to sing. His tempo is really fast, but the high energy is working for him. I’m slightly concerned that he’s out of breath and might pass out. Randy didn’t love the song choice or arrangement, but still says he can really sing. Kara basically called it good, but not great. Paula loved it. Simon was a no go. Told him to “get out of Idol land” calling it desperate. Uh oh.

Anoop: Singing “Dim All the Lights” but they didn’t say the artist. Anoop also grew a little beard this week. He’s also wearing a tan suit, bright pink sweater and matching tie. He can get away with it, but I wouldn’t call that pop star chic. I don’t know this song – it’s basically an up tempo ballad. This feels really similar to his performances from the last few weeks. Randy and Kara called it a good song choice and liked the vocals. Paula loved it. Simon called it mediocre at best – a horrible version of the song, and his worst performance by a mile.

I hope the top five will be: Kris, Allison, Adam, Danny and Matt


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