April 29, 2009

idol top 5

I'm running behind this week, so I'm getting the performance post up just under the wire before results. I'm excited about the top 5.

This week's theme is "Rat Pack" Big Band standards. And the surprise mentor is... Jamie Foxx. Fun. At least they're making up for the boredom of last week.

Kris: Singing "The Way You Look Tonight" by Tony Bennett. Jamie just offered to make a record with Kris He is blown away by him. He's sporting a suit and tie - cute, but looks a little like he's wearing his big brother's suit. I would like him to shave that mustache situation. The boy can sing though. This was a great song choice for him. He's not messing with the melody too much, but he's putting his own style into it. Huge raves from the first three judges, but Simon called it "wet" and not enough to win the competition. I just wish Kris showed a little more personality when he isn't singing.

Allison: Singing "Someone to Watch Over Me" which I just found out was originally composed by George Gershwin, made famous by Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Allison looks adorable tonight. I think she just messed a lyric "someone who watch over me..." but hopefully no one will notice. It's a sweet, soulful performance with her trademark power notes. I think a strong ballad was a good choice for the only girl singing among a group of Rat Pack boys. Again, the first three loved it. Simon liked it, but still says he doesn't feel her desire to win, and thinks she could be in trouble this week. Kara called him crazy.

Matt: Singing "My Funny Valentine" which was originally a show tune from a show called Babe in Arms, but was also made popular by Frank Sinatra. Google is teaching me so much tonight. Jamie is working really with Matt on this song...the man is talented. Just based on his style, I think this could be Matt's week to shine. It's a tough song, but his vocals sound great. I sort of wish he played the piano because he gets a lot of energy from that. I won't complain too much because he's really putting his heart into it. Randy called it pitchy, Kara didn't feel any emotional connection, but Paula disagrees and so do I. Simon called it the only believable, authentic song he's heard tonight. He could tell Matt really felt it and called it absolutely brilliant - all very high praise coming from Simon.

Danny: Singing "Come Rain or Come Shine" by Ray Charles. Jamie took a liking to Danny and literally got right up in his face. Danny is looking very dapper in his navy suit. Just like Matt, Danny is putting his heart into this song. In the second half, he really brings out the blues style in the typical Danny. He brings it every time, and I always love it. I think I just have a soft sport for him. Randy says Danny is the only one tonight who could actually have an album of these songs. Kara says he has swagger. Paula called it stellar. Simon also complimented his swagger and confidence - he came out to prove a point that he belongs here.

Note: Somehow, I only just now noticed Paula's dress. Or is she just hiding behind a red bed sheet?

Adam: Singing "Feeling Good" which as far as I can tell is a Nina Simone song. Adam almost had Jamie Foxx in tears. Everyone loves the boy. He's rocking a shiny white suit tonight, but nothing really shocks us with Adam. He sounds impeccable as usual. Not that I know what I'm talking about, but I get a Broadway feel from the performance. Wait, I'm not crazy. Randy called it "a little too Broadway" but still loved it. Kara called it shocking and sleezy, but loves it. She's drinking some Paula juice tonight. Who incidentally just likened him to Michael Phelps. I like Simon because he always judges the way the contestants are competing - not just their vocals, etc. - and he can feel that Adam wants to win every week.

Who I think is going home: Allison
Who I hope is going home: Matt
Who got my vote: Danny


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