March 10, 2009

idol top 13

Finally, the big stage. Let's be real, this is where the competition starts. What's with the new entrance/intro? A voice from above introduces the judges who walk onto the stage and down to their table. A little over the top. The stage is ridiculous as usual. I think I just had a seizure.
Michael Jackson songs tonight. I always love this theme. It's not easy though - if you can sing an MJ song, you gotta make it work.

Lil Rounds: Singing "The Way You Make Me Feel." Her voice is so strong - no doubt there. She's confident and comfortable on stage. Her top looks like an unfortunate 80s prom dress, but I can overlook that. Seems like she does this every night. Judges love her. I hope she gets votes because she's swimming in a sea of cute boys, who are going to scoop up those tween voters.

Scott: Singing "Keep the Faith." Behind the piano is obviously where Scott is comfortable. His voice plays off the piano really well, and he turns into a performer. I don't know this song - it's a little hokie - but he definitely has an identity, and I like that. The audience is going crazy for him. Simon hated the song because no one knows it. Quote: "It's fine being artistic, but not on this show." Simon, you're making it difficult for me to defend my love for this show to the music snobs of the world.

Danny: Glad the producers highlighted a different aspect of his life beyond the loss of his wife - he seems genuinely fun. Singing "PYT" (Pretty Young Thing). I like that he picked such a fun funky MJ song. He's singing his heart out and engaging the audience - he definitely came to play. Paula said he's on his way to the finals, Simon thought his voice was brilliant, but his dancing was hideous. He's in for sure.

Michael the Oil Rigger: Singing "You are Not Alone." Sorry MJ, but I hate this song. The performance seems overdone and hokie (that's my word of the day). Simon gave him one of his best compliments which was kind of surprising - said he made up for his weaker voice with heart and passion giving it 110%. Randy called him one of the best, and Cara liked him too. I wasn't wild about it.

Jasmine: Her family is too cute. Singing "I'll be There." This one's a classic, someone had to pick it. She's basically singing the Mariah version. I know judges love that she's very young, marketable and commercial, but I find her kind of boring. Judges comments are good, but not great.

Kris: Family video snooze. Singing "Remember the Time" with his guitar. I loved this song in 6th grade. The guitar makes him a little more interesting - it gives him a confident little swagger that seems to work for him. He looks like he's having fun - this is the first time I've really like one of his performances. Cara says he spent a lot of time helping the other contestants this week. Awwww...puke. The ladies love him. Simon says he shouldn't have brought the wife out so early (in the family video) - cut to the wife, she is NOT happy.

Allison: Turns out she's Salvadorian, and grew up singing at a Latin shopping center (like Cosco) - I love it. Singing "Give in to Me." Kind of a dark song, but it works for her rocker girl shtick. I'm worried she won't attract too many votes, but I think she's super talented and cute. She's only 16! Judges really like her, but I'm worried they're jinxing her.

Anoop: Singing "Beat It." Love that he chose this song, but it doesn't show off his voice too much, and I wish he smiled instead of looking so intense. His charm is in his goofy nature, and we didn't see that this time. Paula said this song is untouchable and Simon called it horrible.

Jorge: His family video is super cute, he seems to have one thousand relatives. Singing "Never Can Say Goodbye." It's a nice ballad that shows off his huge voice, but I'm bored. Judges weren't wild about the song choice. Simon called it corny and awful. He'll get votes.

Megan: Singing "Rock n' Robin." Is this an MJ song or does he just own it? I'm confused, I'm also confused about why she would choose this song, but she's actually really making it work for her, but it's a risk. She has a great quirky retro sound, and she's crazy beautiful. She crowed like a bird at the end. Simon called it a stupid song choice, but the other judges pretty much liked it.
Adam: I'm trying not to be distracted by the heavy makeup and scary internet photos I keep hearing about (but haven't seen - promise). Singing "Black or White." He's singing the hell out of it, but I'm not sure he connects with the audience. He's sort of intimidating if that makes sense. No doubt that he's super talented though. Paula loves him so much, she nearly passed off. Simon says he's in a different league.

Matt: His parents are precious. Singing "Human Nature" at the piano. Just like Scott, you can tell he's much more comfortable behind the piano. I forgot about this song - good one. He sort of singing it like Justin Timberlake. I wasn't a fan before, but he's winning me over. Judges liked it.

Alexis: Singing "Dirty Diana." I don't know this song, but I like it. She's singing her little heart out - looking very confident and strong on the stage. Simon thought it was over-the-top, but the rest like her. Notice the change in her voting number because they realized the version ending in "13" (never used before) is a sex hotline. Oops.

We learned that two contestants will be eliminated tomorrow night.

Who I hope will go home: Michael and Jasmine
Who I think will go home: Anoop and Jasmine
Who got my vote*: Danny and Allison

Paula Notes: Feathers.

*My vote is 25% based on talent and 75% based on my bizarre emotional attachments, which will likely fluctuate.


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