January 23, 2009

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I spent the better part of this week trawling for celebrities in my city, which is not normally an A-list hotspot. While I did get to see some on a very distant stage, the closest I came to an in-person celeb encounter was Andy Card. Boo.

It got me thinking about this age of celebrity access with the booming paparazzi industry due to sites like TMZ and Perez. But really one of the strongest forces that got many of us hooked on celebs has been the celebservation reality programming industry. It's a little out of control now - Denise Richards, really? But the success of some of the early shows came with unprecedented ratings and essentially "built" or "rebuilt" stars. I'm certainly guilty of watching - these have been some of my guiltiest pleasures.

Top 10 Celebservation Shows:
  1. The Osbournes - First family of reality programming

  2. Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica - I'm still not over the split

  3. Rob & Big - This is some of the best stuff on television. Seriously.

  4. Breaking Bonaduce - Painful to watch, but totally addictive.

  5. Meet the Barkers - I know, I know, but there was something about them.

  6. Being Bobby Brown - Oh Whitney.

  7. Life of Ryan - That little Ryan Sheckler gets me every time.

  8. Keeping Up With the Kardashians - I can't explain it. I do love that Bruce.

  9. Two Coreys - Worst best show ever.

  10. The Ashley Simpson Show - Come on, she was cute back then.


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