January 9, 2009

tgif top 10

It's back to work this week after a holiday vacation or at least a couple of short work weeks for most of us. It got me thinking about TV workplaces and what fictional jobs would be the most fun. At first, my list consisted of Seattle Grace working with all of the McDoctors and The Office because I love it, but then I realized I would definitely not want to be a surgeon and selling paper would be painful. So, here's a list of TV workplaces that I love, but I could also see myself doing the job.

Top 10 TV Workplaces:
  1. Sugarbaker and Associates, Designing Women

  2. Pacific Princess, Love Boat

  3. Montecito Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

  4. Stuckey Bowl, Ed

  5. Miller Gold Talent Agency, Entourage

  6. Mayor Randall Winston's Office, Spin City

  7. Peach Pit, Beverly Hills 90210

  8. Cheers, Cheers

  9. Mode Magazine, Ugly Betty

  10. Studio 60, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I am on the fence about Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency. I would have to be a dude (sorry Joan).


Mike said...

I would like Miller Gold for number 1.

I can suggest a few more:

- Tool Time set
- 30 Rock
- The West Wing
- The Hatch (lost)

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