December 5, 2008

tgif top 10

This week, I'm looking at a comedic device that drives me crazy: the unseen character. I really hate it. I'm the type of viewer that wants to know everything about each character. I want to see your mother, your sister, and your junior prom date. I hate that we still haven't seen Charlie, even in the movies. So, here is my frustrating list.

Top 10 Unseen TV Characters
  1. Nanny (Muppet Babies) - We only ever saw her legs.

  2. Vera Peterson (Cheers) - Norm's frequently mentioned wife.

  3. Maris Crane (Frasier) - Niles' frequently mentioned wife.

  4. Ugly Naked Guy (Friends) - Maybe it's best that we didn't see.

  5. Tie: Kramer's buddy Bob Saccamo from New Jersey & Steinbrenner (Seinfeld)

  6. Morty Fine (The Nanny) - Fran's father. We often saw his toupee.

  7. Charlie (Charlie's Angels)

  8. The Gooch (Diff'rent Strokes) - The bully who constantly tormented Arnold.

  9. Stan Walker (Will & Grace) - This one plagues me.

  10. Diane (Twin Peaks) - The mysterious recipient of Special Agent Cooper's audio messages.
Honorable mention goes to Wilson of Home Improvement, a trick that never lost its charm.


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