December 10, 2008

bye bye o'malley

We've been hearing the rumors for a while now, and it's official. Dr. O'Malley is leaving Seattle Grace. It's not a huge shock. T.R. Knight's storyline has been virtually nonexistent this season, which is a real shame because I think he's one of the strongest talents in the bunch. T.R. has asked to be released from his contract. No word yet on whether it will be a big dramatic exit for the character or just a simple write off. I'm not expecting much because I'm guessing headwriter Shonda Rhimes is none too happy with him.

This season has been focused on Izzie and her undead boyfriend (Rhimes claims that some sort of brain problem will soon explain her delusions), Callie's love life, Lexi whining, and interns performing morbid procedures on one another. Anyone else bored? Derek has basically become a supporting character, and Bailey isn't far behind.

Ahh well, this happens to all shows at some point. I just hope it doesn't become an EResque revolving door of characters. I'm going to miss T.R., but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone else scoops him up.


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