December 1, 2008

bunch of turkeys

I have been out of the TV loop for the past week using family with premium channels to furiously catch up on Dexter and Entourage (more on this later). But a few things have transpired during this time:

  • Rosie Live was canned pretty much as soon as it aired. Ratings and reviews were horrible, so NBC won't be pursuing any follow up shows. I only caught a minute or two and it was pretty painful. Deep down, I do think Rosie is a very talented entertainer, but unfortunately - agree or disagree - she turns people off when some abrupt opinions. And you really need to be loved to make a variety show work. Incidentally, the Osbourne family is trying their hand at a variety program that is expected to air early next year on FOX. I'll admit, I'm intrigued. I do love them.

  • NBC just announced its January schedule (not for the entire spring season, just January). The struggling network replaced Chuck and Heroes (to return in February) with two new reality shows Superstars of Dance (sound familiar?) and Mamas Boys (moms choose mates for their sons, from the genius of Ryan Seacrest). Howie Mandel has another show premiering on Fridays called Howie Do It. I don't want to know. And Friday Night Lights comes back for its third season on January 16.

  • TMZ (the show on FOX) was just renewed for TWO more seasons. For real.

  • Grey's Anatomy is pissing me off. I have confirmation that Dead Denny will be on the show AT LEAST through February. This is starting to get insulting. Also, Mary McDonnell premiered as Dr. Dixon, the heart surgeon with Asperger's Syndrome, two weeks ago. I was thrown off by her depiction of this syndrome, and I guess I wasn't alone. A reader from Michael Ausiello's column, who is living with Asperger's had this to say about the portrayal: "robotic and single focused -- which we are but not to that degree. Grey's missed the boat on this one. Instead of normal with slight social misperceptions, it came off as a bad version of a high-functioning autistic, and they're two different things." Admittedly, I don't know enough to judge for myself, but I really think Shonda Rhimes needs to shape it up.

  • Finally, a show I haven't really talked about since the premiere: Fringe. I really, really want to love this show, but it's getting to be a struggle. It had the potential to be my new X-Files, and I think Joshua Jackson and John Noble are brilliant. Unfortunately, the female lead, Anna Torv, blows chunks. She is horrible and emotionless, which is really too bad because J.J. Abrams tends to pick stellar leading ladies (Jennifer Garner, Kerri Russell). But I did just read some good news - Ari Graynor has just been cast as Anna's younger sister. If you don't know her, I have a feeling you will soon. She appeared in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist as a hilarious drunk girl and also played Meadow's college roommate on Sopranos. The girl has it. Here's hoping they kill off Anna Torv and replace with cooler sis character.

That's all I got.


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