September 11, 2008

the new

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably watched a show or two on The WB. I remember it was a really big deal when the network first premiered. If you think about it, a new non-cable network targeting teens was a huge undertaking. Some classics emerged, but unfortunately, it took on too much and died in a merger with UPN to form the current CW network. CW is starting to gain momentum, but doesn't have the same fun underdog quality of old WB.

Warner Brothers is now counting on a combination of innovation and our nostalgia for the success of the first online network: It just launched, so I haven't explored much, but there are some promising features. You create a username and password (free), and you can watch old and original programming, create your own TV playlists, etc. It's an interesting concept, though I'm not sure how often I would sit down and watch shows on my laptop...maybe in the airport or traveling for work. It will be interesting to see if this catches on.

You can watch oldies, including: Dawson's Creek, Buffy, The OC, Everwood, Friends, MadTV, Veronica Mars, and Roswell (where's Felicity??)

The original programming definitely targets teens. There is some drama, romantic comedy, reality, and talk shows. Here are a few program descriptions that caught my eye (I haven't watched any yet, so they could be awful):

A Boy Wearing Makeup: If he looks this pretty, imagine what he can do for you! Check out these tutorials geared towards people of any age, any race, and any sex. The boy is here to provide you comic relief, fun make-up application, and to help you realized the potential in all of us to do and become everything we've always dreamed.

Whatever Hollywood: They're three best friends who create videos together about whatever inspires them! They make "Shorts" in addition to the reality-style "Whatever Show". They're not going to wait for fame, so, Whatever Hollywood!

Dangerous: A fiery action series about a gang of young street criminals with an interwoven tale of forbidden love between a East Suburban Princess and a crime-stricken West 'burbs guy. (West Side Story?? Will there be singing?)

In conclusion, I probably won't become an avid user, but I'm interested to see how an exclusively online network will do.


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