August 26, 2008


Tuesdays are traditionally a weaker TV night (R.I.P. Gilmore Girls), which most networks have supplemented with reality shows. There are a couple of newbies to watch out for though.

The Biggest Loser: Families: I debated whether or not to admit this. It’s a secret I have trouble admitting. I like this show. At first, I thought it was everything that’s wrong with American voyeuristic, consumer, exploitative television. But the people just get me, they are so inspiring. How many blog readers did I just lose? I’ll admit the 2-hour episodes are completely unnecessary. I fast-forward through most of it.

Law & Order: SVU: I’m an original Law & Order loyalist, but SVU is arguably the most well-written and popular show in the series. If you can stomach the ridiculously scary, disturbing, and inhuman storylines, there are some really good performances on this one. Mariska (Benson) can be a little too dramatic at times, but Chris (Stabler) is perfect, and Ice-T is…well, it’s still weird that he’s on this show. They have some really good guest stars lined up for the premiere, including one Dylan McKay (a.k.a. Luke Perry).

Eli Stone: One of my absolute favorite old newbies from last season. If you don’t already watch this, I’m nervous the description will turn you off, but just trust me that it’s a treasure. I just hope it's not impaired by the two hours of crap reality shows that will lead in. Mr. Stone, there are many blogs in our future.

Another CBS crime drama for old people. This one focuses on criminal investigation Marine and Navy personnel. I gave this one a try, but the writing and acting are absolute crap. The dialogue is actually painful.

The Mentalist: This is one of few newbies on Tuesday night. The premise is a former fake TV psychic who now uses his heightened observation skills to work as a private investigator. Snooze. Although, I’m hearing the acting/writing is quirky and funny (for CBS). Star Simon Baker was that cute dude in Devil Wears Prada. And co-star Robin Tunney of Empire Records head-shaving fame is the coolest. I may check it out. No promises.

Without a Trace: This is the sole survivor among 5 or 6 kidnapping dramas that seemed to come out around the same time. I don’t watch it, but I have tremendous love for Anthony LaPaglia (yet another Empire Records alum).

House: I discovered this during summertime rerun boredom recently. I’m obsessed. I was very weary of yet another quirky medical drama. This one is in a league of its own. Hugh Laurie is dripping with Emmys, but he deserves a goddamn Olympic gold medal. He is fantastic in this show. The supporting cast is very strong (my favorite Omar Epps). They mix it up with some cool cinematography and animation-like images of bizarro diseases. One of my top 5 shows right now.

Fringe: Two words. Pacey Witter. J.J. Abrams, who is responsible for Lost, Felicity, and many other classics, created this one. It’s described as an FBI investigation of mysterious deaths aboard a plane that landed at Boston’s Logan Airport. There are sci-fi undertones, and I’m guessing the deaths are just the beginning of the story. I have a weakness for weirdo sci-fi like Lost and X-Files. And this one’s set in Boston. Serious potential here, especially if I get to see Joshua Jackson on the screen every week.

This really deserves a blog in itself. Brenda? Kelly? Pulllease don’t screw this up!

Privileged: Sometimes you just want to watch a silly teen drama. I expect (hope) to fulfill that satisfaction with the aforementioned remake, but this newbie intrigues me too. A young Yale grad (played by JoAnna Garcia from Reba. Yup, I said it. Reba.) becomes a live-in tutor for rebellious twin teens in Palm Beach, Florida, and adjusts to life among the rich and powerful. It’s like fictional Sweet 16. You know you want to.


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